Athletes becoming well-qualified social entrepreneurs leads to remarkable benefits for society.


The direct target groups of the SENTA are talented, elite, retired athletes and athletes who want to combine top athleticism with top social entrepreneurship!


Through a sport focused social entrepreneurship curriculum and gamification based training modules.


SENTA is an Erasmus+ collaborative partnership project supporting EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes by adding yet another curriculum to it.

Elite athletes play an important role in philanthropic communities…

And thus it is important to develop their social entrepreneurship competences. There is no structured course curriculum for sports organisations (universities, institutes, national Olympic committees, sports federations etc.), career professionals/consultants, trainers and mentors who work to support the dual careers of elite athletes in social entrepreneurship.

Are you a talented, elite or retired athlete? Please, join our survey to find out the dual career needs of athletes on social entrepreneurship!

Athletes have significant impact on individuals and society.

Giving elite athletes the opportunity to discover a passion for the social economy and become social entrepreneurs themselves leads to remarkable benefits for society.

To unlock the full potential of elite athletes, it is important they are given the chance to develop and implement, innovative and proactive solutions and ideas, addressing social, cultural and environmental issues.

The objectives of SENTA are to:

– support the implementation of the EU Guidelines Dual Careers of Athletes through the development of a sports-focused social entrepreneurship program,
– contribute to innovative approaches to social entrepreneurship through an innovative curriculum and gamification based training modules in line with talented, elite and retired athletes needs and expectations.

The direct target group of the SENTA project is talented, elite and retired athletes.

The final beneficiaries of the project are people who suffer from various social, cultural and environmental problems, student-athletes, active people in the sports sector who want to become sport entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, sport institutions, start-ups, accelerators and incubation centers, innovation and technology centers/networks, research centers and investors.

The following Intellectual Outputs (IOs)  are developed to achieve the project aims mentioned above:

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